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What is Lesfex?

Lesfex is a CryptoCurrency exchange designed to provide innovative but straightforward trading features to investors from all levels of experience. 

Our goal is to build a trading platform that supports both new and well-established cryptocurrencies and providing users with a growing selection of trading opportunities.


Why Lesfex?

Lesfex is a CryptoCurrency exchange designed to provide innovative but straightforward trading features to investors from all levels of experience. Lesfex is a platform that will expose CryptoCurrency, Crypto-Trading and Blockchain assets to the general public via a well-designed user interface and easy-to-understand crypto-trading technology. Lesfex presents a functional token, LFX, to facilitate more straightforward and more successful exchanges with easy to use tools. The Lesfex platform will allow investors to learn pre and post-trade sessions using critical technical indicators, data, analysis, community strategies, and baseline analysis.


Our system is constantly upgraded and tested to ensure that we are meeting the industry’s best standards.


The Lesfex team is aware that it is not possible to gain trust and build a reputation quickly consequently, we will strive each and every day to earn respect and trust.


For non-stop and fast trading sessions we count on a highly skilled customer service team.


Lesfex Using cold wallet protecting users funds, each withdrawal  process is manully by team.


The Lesfex Ecosystem represents the stabilization of the CryptoCurrency sector by providing a low-fee, multi-asset, multi-functional and fully compliant exchange platform. By providing all of these features, it will create the art of stabilization on an economy system

Lesfex News


Lesfex Exchange is a fast forward company with a next generation business model in the CryptoCurrency exchange space.

The Lesfex platform has all the prerequisites to succeed and to occupy a leading position amongst the industry players. This is due to the thorough strategic planning and oversight of the creative and dedicated founding team. The cornerstone of the platform’s development is the detailed attention to the users / customers and addressing their needs as the highest priority. The next stage of the project’s development is the launch of a self-sustainable Lesfex Token together with a merchant program.

To completely revolutionize the future of digital asset exchange trading, we are fusing Forex technologies with those of the Blockchain to provide everyone with a better trading experience. Lesfex will be every trader/investor's first choice which will maintain the Lesfex competitive advantage.

Global Reach

Our plan is to expand Globally with a clear expansion plan to provide our exchange as a virtual economy infrastructure.

195 Locations

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Token Sale Details

Lesfex is a utility token

An ERC20 utility token with a burn mechanism.
-To be used as the utility token within the Lesfex ecosystem
-Lower listing fee when paying with the Lesfex Token
-Payment in Lesfex E-Commerce

Token Details

Token Name Lesfex
Symbol LFX
Payment Bitcoin & Ethereum
Type ERC20
Sale 30 September - 8 December
30 September - 6 October 0.03 USD
7 October - 13 October 0.04 USD
14 October - 20 October 0.05 USD
21 October - 27 October 0.06 USD
28 November - 3 November 0.07 USD
4 November - 10 November 0.08 USD
11 November - 17 November 0.09 USD
18 November - 24 November 0.1 USD
25 November - 8 December 0.11 USD

General Info

Min. Purchase $50
Payment BTC,ETH
Distributed in Token Sale Depends on Sale
Soft cap $5M
Hard cap $50M

LFX Tokens
Token Supply

Estimated Use of Fund

  • 30% Operation
  • 25% Marketing
  • 20% Development
  • 10% Liquidity
  • 10% Reserve
  • 5% Legal

Estimated Token Allocation

  • 60%Private, PreSale and Public Sale

Use of 40% as following

  • 30% Marketing
  • 10% Advisors
  • 15% Liquidity
  • 10% Reserve
  • 10% Bounty
  • 15% Founders
  • 10% Team
Token holder benefits
LFX Usage Token Value

The LFX token is built to power and support the complete and optimal functioning of the Lesfex platform. LFX token can be used in the following ways;
-Advertisement Payment: - Coin Listing Payment
- Trading Pair
- E-Commerce Platform
- E-Commerce Merchant Program

It is expected that as LFX token gains more users on the exchange platform due to its utility, its value will automatically increase



- Exchange Conceived


- Development Research


- Team Recruited
- Platform Architecture Completed


- Starting Platform Development


- Team Expansion
- Platform Architecture arranged
- Starting Platform Development


- Market Research
- Marketing Strategy Developed
- Lesfex Security Audit by Coinspect
- Crowdfund Platform Development

Q3 - Q4

- Starting Token Sale
- Token Sale Ends
- Creating Lesfex Token
- Trading Promotion
- Merchants Program
- E-Commerce Development


- E-Commerce Platform Beta Release
- Lesfex Android Application
- Features Deployment
- New Roadmap
Core Team
Dave wilson

CEO & Board Chairman

Dhimas Pambudi

Chief Management Officer & Founder


CTO & Advisor

Yulia Yossie wilson


Adeel Malik

Project Manager

Regis Couraud

Security Expert

Michael Meram


Clark Elder

Social Media Manager

Michael Soeterbroek

Business Advisor

John Rustin

Chief Marketing Officer

Country Managers
Mike SH Tham PhD

Hong Kong

Edart Tabangcura


Shaikh Noorul Amin


Wolf D.Dziambor


Nicholas Amoniyan


Antoni Halim


Ken Gan - 顏醒

China and Hongkong

Julie Krol


Janina Kuncewicz


Mario Artale


Jeffrey Simons


Gerard Myers


Renzee Deelstra


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